The AATA Apprenticeship Program has been developed in coordination with the California Department of Apprenticeship Standards.


 A training program developed by the American Aerospace Technical Academy, an employer that is registered with the State of California in cooperation with a local education partner (LEA) to provide classroom instruction while the employer (sponsors) trains the apprentice on the job

  •  A minimum of 120 hours of classroom instruction per year

 This year, AATA was awarded a $1,000,000 grant from the California Apprenticeship Initiative under the distinction of "New and Innovative Programs".


 Apprentice Advantages

  • AATA’s students are being trained on the latest NDT Technology (most NDT schools/ training facilities do not offer AATA’s scope of instruction (i.e. UT Phased Array, Computed Radiography) 

  • Potential to receive College Credit towards a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering

  • Job Stability, a structured career plan and professional development training

  • Apprentices receive a recognized credential

    • State of California Certification of Completion

    • Community College or Adult School Completion Certificate


Employer Advantages

  • Companies can enroll external or internal employees and design a training plan specific to company needs. 

  • AATA is a reliable recruiting source to obtain diverse NDT candidates, as we recruit veterans, minorities, women and the disadvantaged, and train them to your company needs 

  • Increased productivity, reduces the cost of high labor turnover and vehicle to ensure efficient succession planning as employees show high morale and loyalty when in a training program that offers upward mobility through career development.

  • Partnering with AATA and attending any event will count towards your Affirmative Action/ Outreach efforts 

  • AATA’s mission is to produce NDT leaders by providing not only technical but professional development training to prepare our students for success in the workplace 



CA State Approved NDT Apprenticeship Courses

AATA Courses meet or exceed SNT-TC-1A Latest Edition and NAS 410 Rev 4. All of our students have free memberships with the American Society for Non Destructive Testing

  • Magnetic Particle I & II, 40 hours

  • Penetrant Testing I & II, 40 hours

  • Ultrasonic Testing I, 40 hours

  • Ultrasonic Testing II, 40 hours

  • UT Phased Array Level I. 40 hours

  • UT Phased Array Level II, 40 hours

  • Radiation Safety, 40 hours

  • Radiographic Testing I, 40 hours

  • Radiographic Testing II, 40 hours

  • Computed Radiography, 40 hours


If an employer is interested in the Apprenticeship program, what is the next step?

  • Contact John Stewart ( or (209) 482-0801) or Megan Green ( or (267) 760-1876) to arrange a meeting at your facility to discuss in further detail and design a program specific to your company needs.
  • AATA will then schedule Apprenticeship Information Sessions at your facility to educate employees on the Apprenticeship program, its requirements and the benefits of participating. 

  • Click here to download the Employer Requirements form. 


For information on how your company can participate in the AATA Apprenticeship Program coordinated with the California Department of Apprenticeship Standards, please CLICK HERE to download the introductory overview.

For information on enrolling current employees please contact John Stewart – Founder and Executive Director  -