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John A. Stewart

John is an ASNT Level III RT, UT, and PT, NAS 410 Level III RT, UT, PT, VT and MT NDT engineer.  The AATA was founded when John decided to dedicate himself full-time to helping economically disadvantage and veterans struggling with poor job prospects secure fulfilling careers in his field. Stewart, who over the course of his twenty-year career in NDT has trained technicians for companies such as SpaceX, Goodrich Aerospace and Northrop Grumman, believed that by addressing inadequate STEM opportunities, one could empower youth and returning military veterans to fill the shortage of NDT professionals in many of California’s booming industries. John is a United States Navy Veteran and served as a Navy "Seabee" attached to Amphibious Construction Battalion 2. 

Dylan Lennox

Dylan Lennox is an Inspection and Quality Control expert who partners organizations, executives and independent contractors to develop business and strategy for the inspection marketplace. After spending a decade working in non-destructive examination and integrity management for a multimillion dollar firm, Dylan knows what truly drives the industry and how to prepare the next generation of inspection professionals. It’s not about what you can read in a book or instruction manual, it’s how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate your understanding and the needs of the industry back to them. Dylan has worked in operations, business development, and field management levels throughout his career. He has trained under some of the top experts in the industry and tutored up-and-coming technicians in many forms of non-destructive examination and testing. In addition to his extensive inspection experience, Dylan is an expert in PR and marketing as well as strategy and business development.

Dr. Mauricio Castillo

Dr. Castillo is involved in the development of the engineering department at CSULA. He taught for eight years at the high school level before joining the CSULA faculty. His current research includes topics related to technology education and the development of assessment tools for evaluating the effectiveness of technology education programs. He is also conducting research in professional development in STEM education. Dr. Castillo has a Ph.D. from Colorado State University and an MA from CSULA, in addition to a BS in Industrial Technology from CSULA.

Sarah Brennan      

Sarah Brennan is Vice President and Los Angeles Area Manager of Self-Help Federal Credit Union, one of the largest community development credit unions in the country. Sarah leads Self-Help's Los Angeles presence, managing a team of 17 staff to operate LA's retail branches, and originates commercial real estate loans of $20+ million to nonprofit organizations and businesses that create and protect wealth in under-served neighborhoods. Prior to her work in community development finance, Sarah worked in public policy at the local and federal levels with a focus on economic development, including five years at Los Angeles City Hall as Director of Policy for the Seventh Council District. Sarah received a B.A. in Political Science from Carleton College and a Masters in Public Policy from the Sol Price School at the University of Southern California. She was recognized as a leader in the community development field by Opportunity Finance Network as a 2015 fellow.

Marisabel Torres

Marisabel Torres is a senior policy analyst for the Wealth-Building Policy Project at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR).  Her work as an analyst has focused on banking and homeownership policies affecting Latino families, as well as immigrant access to financial services.  In 2012, she led NCLR’s statewide research project in California that assessed Latino engagement in the mainstream financial system.  Marisabel produces policy documents to demonstrate the effects of social programs on the Latino community; she also communicates NCLR’s position and recommended policy changes to Congress, NCLR’s Affiliate organizations, and other interested stakeholders.

Ricky Morgan 

Ricky Morgan is an ASNT Level III MPI, PT and UT, and a Certified Welding Inspector. Ricky is President of Morgan Inspection Services, director of business development at Metal Fatigue Solutions, and VP of MIC. Ricky was previously director of special inspection and code enforcement with the California Coalition for Professional Construction Inspectors, lead structural steel inspector at Smith Emery, president of the ASNT, GM of NDT at Muldoon Marine Services, and lead field inspector at Ronald Nisbet Assoc. Ricky is a graduate of the College of Oceaneering.

Ulisses Sanchez

Ulisses Sanchez is the founder and Principal of Centro Strategies, a high-risk, strategic communications firm based out of Los Angeles, CA with clients in the United States and in Mexico.  With over 15 years of experience in government, politics and information technology, Ulisses has worked in various capacities to use technology to communicate and engage communities of interest while also improving the way that local and state government utilizes technology to meet the needs of those who they serve. Ulisses played critical roles in the upgrading of the City of Los Angeles’ case management system and improving the use of web and social media by the California State Legislature to coordinate communication efforts in 2011 to address the emergency closure of the California 60 Freeway. Ulisses has served on the board of directors for numerous organizations and has received awards and recognitions from various local, state and federally elected officials for his service and commitment to helping others, including being selected as Democrat of the Year in 2009 by the California Democratic Party and receiving a Volunteer Recognition Award by the City of Los Angeles in 2013. Ulisses received his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of California, Los Angeles and his M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

Shane Walker

Shane is director of medical technology research at IHS and has more than ten years’ experience conducting business analysis for internal operations as well as on a consultative basis. He currently manages a global team of analysts focused on the healthcare industry, working with a wide range of clients that include the world’s largest end-equipment manufacturers and software providers as well as start-ups that are driving new tech innovation. Shane continues to conduct primary industry research in addition to consumer-oriented analysis, and he regularly contributes to the media as well as presenting at industry events and conferences. Before joining IHS, Shane spent several years in the computer software sector as a sales director for a leading CAD developer where he conducted competitive intelligence and developed marketing strategy for an international VAR network. Shane received a BA from the University of West Florida and an MBA in Corporate Finance from St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX.