First, Why NDT?


You will gain a career where you truly make a difference in the world.

Testing structures for flaws and wear prevents catastrophes. Nondestructive Testing (NDT) technicians and engineers are the first line of defense against failing infrastructure and equipment, preventing plane crashes, train derailments, oil spills, and other critical infrastructure failures in the most cost-effective way. 

Simply put, NDT saves lives.



With NDT, hard work pays off.

So many people these days are tired of working hard and not being able to provide for their families.

Careers in NDT are a genuine pathway to financial success:

  • Average annual wage for Level I NDT technicians statewide: $64,270 (over $32/hour)*
  • Average annual wage for Level II and Level III technicians statewide:  +$110,000*

Demand for qualified NDT workers is already strong and shows no signs of stopping.



Exciting Industries, Travel, Technology

The field of NDT supports aerospace, shipping, construction, oil & gas, petrochemical, nuclear, automotive, as well as other industries. Whatever you are into: from Indy Cars to roller coasters to spaceships; NDT is used to keep these industries running smoothly.

  • NDT can take you around the corner or around the world.  Our students work from Montana to South Africa and everywhere in between.
  • NDT is a fast paced exciting world with new technology coming to market every day.  With the advent of drones, the high tech possibilities in the world of NDT continue to grow!

The National Science Foundation says this about careers in NDT:

“NDT plays a big role in keeping our world safe and is used to test many of the things that you come in contact with everyday. Nondestructive testing means parts and materials are tested or inspected without causing damage to them. NDT methods are used to make sure that important parts on airplanes, trains, and automobiles are free of defects that could lead to an accident. NDT is also used in many other industries to make sure that parts do not have defects that would lead to unhappy customers. As a career field, non destructive testing offers many opportunities, and there is a big demand for technicians and engineers trained in NDT.”





AATA is training technicians on the newest technology available beyond just the basics.

AATA students have access to the highest tech equipment in the industry from a range of manufacutrers.  Learning on a variety of systems allows our students to be most prepared for success in the field. AATA offers training in Foundational NDT Math to Computed Radiography and Phased Array Ultrasonics and everything in between.


See our course outline here.


AATA is open to all!

AATA is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to provide the highest technical NDT training in a way that is accessible to everyone.

  • There are special programs for vets, the unemployed and underemployed; however, anyone who is interested can attend. 
  • Tuition is on a sliding scale and most individuals qualify for funding or scholarships.

AATA is recognized by the GI Bill and veterans and individuals at or below the poverty line can train free of charge.


On average, over 90% of our students graduate.

In 2017, 80%+ of those looking for work received offers or were placed already.


AATA is the leading training organization for diversity in the U.S. NDT industry. The outreach goal of the program is to recruit 58% minority men and women.

Recruitment goals target the following groups for enrollment rates whenever possible:



Do you want to change your career without losing your income?

We offer night classes, online courses and several locations!

The Final Word


It guarantees customer safety and protects substantial capital investments. It provides real jobs in growing non-traditional sectors, enabling people to make real changes in their lives. And AATA can help you get the vital training you need