As an Employer, Do You face Any of These challenges?

  • Aging workforce

  • No reliable pipeline of skilled technicians

  • High labor turnover rate / Lack of loyalty

  • Expensive training

  • Training is too long

  • Techs not up to date on newest methods

  • Not able to meet diversity goals



AATA designs programs to specifically meet each employer's needs.


AATA is leading the way in creating innovative training programs, customized to meet employers needs.  Whether you are looking for gap training on the newest methods for your existing employees or you are looking for a government funded apprentice, AATA works with you to help you meet your labor training needs.


AATA has a preliminary educational and background screening program for students entering their courses.  With a strong foundation in NDT math, our students have a clear pathway to obtaining their Level I and Level II educational qualifications in VT, PT, MT, UT, and RT as well as PAUT and CR.  In addition, our students get training in Radiation Safety and are prepared for the IRRSP exam. All of our courses are in accordance with SNT-TC1A and NAS410.

AATA trains its students on a wide array of the latest NDT equipment so they are prepared to enter the workforce and make a difference right away.



AATA is a nonprofit, offering training to anyone more affordably that most other programs. We also offer free training to U.S. Veterans and those at or below the poverty line.

Through our apprenticeship program, students’ education is fully funded through the US Department of Labor and in CA, through DAS. Students can receive their education while getting their on the job training at your facility. Students coming out of apprenticeship programs are statistically more loyal to companies who have invested in their future. 

AATA students are highly motivated and they take ownership and pride in their work.

Reward and recognition of hard work and talented apprentices and trainees on the part of the company was reciprocated with increased motivation and performance on the part of the apprentice or trainee”

(Understanding the Psychological contract in Apprenticeships / Traineeships to Improve Retention, 2011)


AATA students are primed for success in the field.  After rigorous classroom and hands on training, our students also get professional development training to develop the next generation of leaders in the NDT industry.

  • On average, over 90% of our students graduate.
  • In 2017, 80%+ of those looking for work received offers or were placed already.
  • Over 80% of the students are willing to relocate for work.


AATA is a reliable recruiting source to obtain diverse NDT candidates, as we actively recruit veterans, minorities, women and the disadvantaged, and train them to your company needs. 

AATA is the leading training organization for diversity in the U.S. NDT industry. The outreach goal of the program is to recruit 58% minority men and women.

Recruitment goals target the following groups for enrollment rates whenever possible:


Did you know?

Partnering with AATA and attending any AATA event will count towards your Affirmative Action/ Outreach efforts!